Hiroshige. Visioni dal Giappone: dal 1 marzo al 29 luglio 2018 a Roma

//Hiroshige. Visioni dal Giappone: dal 1 marzo al 29 luglio 2018 a Roma
Utagawa Hiroshige was one of the most celebrated artists of the Floating World (ukiyo-e), a Master capable of bringing both landscape and nature at the center of his work, transforming them into protagonists in their own right. His fame comes from the characteristic aesthetic that distinguishes his work, often described as “photographic” because he is able to bestow dynamism thanks to the skilful alternation of solids and voids, and through the juxtaposition of different planes.
A sense of harmony and serenity pervades the artist’s works, so as to have bewitched the greatest Impressionist and Post-Impressionist in Europe, the first of whom was Vincent Van Gogh Oil, who copied the famous Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge and Atake originally created by the Japanese Master.

The exhibition includes a selection of about 230 works from prestigious collections that come from Italy, Japan and the United States, giving you a unique chance to admire the naturistic theme explored by Hiroshige’s skillful and refined taste: from his most famous series such as One Hundred Famous Views of Edo and The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō, passing through his most admired prints of colored flowers, insects and animals, all the way to original designs that remain intact to this day.

Dal 1 marzo al 29 luglio 2018
Scuderie del Quirinale
Via XXIV Maggio 16 – Roma


Da domenica a giovedì dalle 10.00 alle 20.00
Venerdì e sabato dalle 10.00 alle 22.30
L’ingresso è consentito fino a un’ora prima dell’orario di chiusura
Gli orari sono gli stessi anche per i giorni festivi

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